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  • Provides services where children are most comfortable and most familiar

  • Convenience of not needing to gather your children into the car and drive to evaluations and sessions

  • Ability to include the family in every session by providing coaching and modeling what we are working on, practicing right then and there, and providing feedback in the moment that caregivers and siblings can utilize in between sessions

  • When therapy is done in your home, we can incorporate your own toys and objects, your true mealtime/daily routines, incorporate pictures of your own things, rooms, and toys for visual targets, encourage play-based interactions with siblings, and provide intervention in real life places like the store or the playground. This also promotes cultural sensitivity by limiting implicit bias and assumptions as to what routines and interactions may look like

  • When we come to you, we don’t need to use meaningless articulation cards to address speech sounds but can use functional words that are used each and everyday

  • We have the ability to provide support during challenging times, such as difficult daily routines or play dates that often go wrong. We can incorporate speech, language and social skills into real time interactions and situations

Teletherapy services may be offered on a case-by-case basis.

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