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Ascent Pediatric Speech Therapy is a Professional Limited Liability Corporation (PLLC) that offers in home speech therapy for children 12 months to 18 years throughout the greater Bozeman and Gallatin Valley area. 

My mission is to provide intervention supports which promote meaningful communication development for every child in their natural environment so they can ascend to their fullest potential while committing to the following values

  • Play-Based: Children learn and develop intrinsically through play. We know that when children are doing something they are interested in, motivation and attention increase

  • Relationship-based: If in your early development you feel safe and secure in your relationships, you have increased ability to manage stress, co-regulate and problem solve

  • Family-centered: When families are involved in therapy, it becomes a collaborative process. When caregivers have buy-in and understand what is being addressed, they are more likely to feel confident working on it on their own and will feel more successful in supporting their child’s needs. As a result, parent coaching will be an integral part of the speech therapy process. 

  • Child-led: When we focus on something a child is interested in, their participation will increase. When we let them guide an interaction, we are able to understand their level of development which allows us to meet them where they are at and offer the right level of challenge and support

  • Functional: When goals and objectives are functional, they are more likely to have a meaningful impact that carries over into real life benefits

  • Individualized: There is no one-size-fits-all method to treat any disorder or difficulty. Every child begins therapy at a different stage in development, comes with different family values, and has a different capacity for learning based on intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Therapy should always be tailored to the current needs of the child and should be dynamic based on where they are at every day

  • DEI-informed: The diversity, equity and inclusion of every child and family is a pillar that Ascent strives to advocate for

Bozeman speech therapy. Belgrade speech therapy. In home speech therapy. Ascent speech therapy. 

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